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Oktatóink tanulmánya a The Journal of Academic Librarianship legfrissebb számában

A könyvtár- és információtudomány szakterületi rangsorának első negyedébe (Q1) tartozó, impakt faktorral rendelkező nemzetközi folyóiratában, a  The Journal of Academic Librarianship 2018. novemberi számában jelent meg intézetünk oktatóinak, Kiszl Péternek és Fodor Jánosnak legújabb tanulmánya:

The “Collage Effect” – Against Filter Bubbles: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Combating the Pitfalls of Information Technology
Péter Kiszl, János Fodor

The Journal of Academic Librarianship
Volume 44, Issue 6, November 2018, Pages 753-761

The rapid development of information technology has partially been reversed, and may become a tool for manipulation, which is incompatible with librarians' social mission. Making information available, connecting databases, and making them accessible result in people becoming more and more exposed. Customisation and effectively filtered information sources create filter bubbles. Although new systems of collaboration would be suitable for sharing reliable knowledge, they often lead to the spread of fake news. Despite worrying trends, we seek an encouraging future. Therefore, in this paper we analyse the relationship between information technology, market economy, and the librarian profession from the perspective of Hungarian LIS education, and emphasise the importance of active and creative information provision based on interdisciplinarity. Based on our experiences we believe that current and future readers can be reached through intriguing collages of credible information. The use of collages can compensate for the effects of filter bubbles, and librarians may become the masters of creating digital information collages.

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